I am taking the Alzheimer challenge for my beloved grandma!

Jorge Pena Lazaro

( Lid van team: Philips )


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I move for a world without Alzheimer's. 

Together with my Philips team we are committed to raising money for research and future eradication of Alzheimer's disease.  Alzheimer's disease generates memory, thinking and behaviour problems to the afflicted person. But it goes way beyond that. It takes away the ability of a beloved one to fend for him/herself. Gives them the feeling of not being able to rely on their own memory anymore and not feeling safe in their own home. This disease fills them with rage and confussion while they try to clinge to their personality, which inevitably fades away. It is hurtful for the person and for his / her loved ones.

Unfortunately, my beloved Grandma is no longer with us physically, but we hold her dear in our thoughts every day. I will be moving 290 km in May and with every step I walk I will help the cause, so that in the future no ones loses a loved one before they pass away.