Trailrunning voor Alzheimer - through rock, sand, snow and mud!

Mike Schavemaker

( Lid van team: Philips )


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Als trailrunner beweeg ik voor een wereld zonder Alzheimer.

Why I am joining?

- Every 10 minutes a new patient is diagnosed and 1 in 5 people get a type of dementia (in NL). Out of the 290.000 patients, 10% is under the age of 65.

- My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, whilst at the time, no valid treatments or care where available – which makes joining the Alzheimer’s Challenge personal and close at heart.

- As a previous experience, in my time as venture leader of the Intellispace Cognition platform, I witnessed the enormous opportunity to diagnose neurological diseases – like Alzheimer’s - at early stages, helping both physician as well as the patient (and their families) to create a better quality-of-life for the patient; I see the Alzheimer Challenge as a perfect platform to continue creating awareness on the (clinically validated) possibilities that we can bring closer to patients and physicians whilst literally help this meaningful cause with each meter made through relevant donations.

- The Alzheimer Challenge coincides perfectly for training for my Eiger Ultratrail 101 in July. I will therefore run each meter in trail running conditions and here-and-there endeavor a marathon.