Challenge accepted! Trailrunning for Alzheimer

Mike Schavemaker


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No mountain too high: Made It!

Today, on April 30th with the moral support from all sponsors I finished the Alzheimer Challenge, crossing 303 trailrunning kilometers over 15,060 altitude meters - Thank You for your donations and positive energy!!

Please don't stop here to fight Alzheimer: order your (running)socks at and Beat Alzheimer's!


My motivation of this year:

Last year I had the honor to run over 290 kilometers for the Alzheimer Challenge and raise over 900 Euros: Thank You for your support and engagement.

This year I will continue to run for Alzheimer by trailrunning over 300 kilometers and over an estimated 8,849 altitude meters: equal to arriving at the peak of Mt. Everest.

I dedicate my effort to Alzheimer, being personally inspired through a series of events this March and therefore would like raise awareness on the personal traits that Alzheimer impacts so dearly to ourselves and to our close ones: Personality and Dignity.

On March 8th, I have the possibility to act as a moderator for a diverse Philips panel during International Women's Day. The preparation for my role as moderator helped me to understand better that personality is a key strenght if and when acknowledged by yourself and your surroundings: unlocking the potential of Superwomen -and men. Alzheimer's gradually takes away the personality.

On March 19th I ran the Rome Marathon, with a fortunate personal record. Whilst running I saw wheelchair runners being supported and guided by volunteering runners. The wheelchair runners were acknowledged and supported to uphold and nourish their dignity and flourished and shined accordingly. Alzheimer's also gradually takes away your dignity.

On March 30th my incredible team of innovation & development consultants organized a volunteering day at an elderly home by simply playing Bingo. We had good fun with the sharp and inquisitive elderly and we could brighten their day with positivity and laughter. This is what matters: every day that you can retain your personality and dignity it is a day that you are able to shine and connect. We should support the research that enables everyone to TAKE THAT DAY and extend the quality of life and living with each other.

This motivates me to run the 300km+ this year, hope you are motivated as well to keep moving and sponsor me now to reach at least 920 Euros - reaching higher than last year's Alzheimer's Challenge 2022 donations mark -  and stand-up to beat Alzheimer's. 

Thank You.

Kind regards,



Als trailrunner beweeg ik voor een wereld zonder Alzheimer.

Why I am joining the Alzheimer Challenge:

- Every 10 minutes a new patient is diagnosed and 1 in 5 people get a type of dementia (in NL). Out of the 300.000 patients, 10% is under the age of 65.

- My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, whilst at the time, no valid treatments or care where available – which makes joining the Alzheimer’s Challenge personal and close at heart.

- As a previous experience, in my time as venture leader of the Intellispace Cognition platform, I witnessed the enormous opportunity to diagnose neurological diseases – like Alzheimer’s - at early stages, helping both physician as well as the patient (and their families) to create a better quality-of-life for the patient; I see the Alzheimer Challenge as a perfect platform to continue creating awareness on the (clinically validated) possibilities that we can bring closer to patients and physicians whilst literally help this meaningful cause with each meter made through relevant donations.